Audio Whatever the venue or production, TMPAV sets the standard for the industry. Our seasoned staff draws on years of technical experience to get the details right and achieve a perfectly balanced and tuned system to fit every audio need.  Enjoy the accurate and quality sound that we offer with our top of the line equipment.  We supply equipment for a wide range of markets, including theatre, live music, television, and corporate events.

TMPAV’s inventory of audio gear is perfect for any size production, including consoles, wireless equipment, speaker systems, and signal processing. Let TMPAV work with your team to design, coordinate, and build a sound system that meets your specific audio requirements, without breaking your budget.


LED and Lighting  TMPAV also offers the industry’s best-known brands in lighting solutions from conventional to state of the art lighting solutions customized for your production needs. TMPAV prefers to use products that are environmentally friendly, such as LED lighting which uses much less electricity, has extremely long rated lives, and produces very little heat, amongst other benefits.  TMPAV builds products that you cannot find elsewhere to solve a wide-range of lighting challenges. 



LCD Walls TMPAV provides cutting-edge LED technology, installed and operated by our expert technicians. The adaptability of LED technology, along with our wide range of multimedia product choices, gives our clients unlimited creative video playback opportunities.  This immersive, flexible LCD video wall combines the thin profile with improvements in design, installation and service, delivering on its reputation as a stellar video wall solution. The TMPAV team will work with you to determine and design a video LED solution that best fits your event or production.


Digital Displays and Signage Give attendees real-time useful news and deliver valuable meeting-related content on digital signage.  We offer digital signage such as agendas, schedules, important announcements, news feeds, weather, airline flight updates, polls and social media streams. TMPAV Digital Signage eliminates the hassle of reprinting and replacing traditional signage, and allows you to make real-time adjustments when you need to convey meeting updates.


Video At the core of our offerings, TMPAV offers a range of meeting and event video systems including image magnification, video image blending, and high-quality video production and editing. From educational session projectors, confidence monitors, digital signage and exhibit monitors to playback systems in general sessions, high-end large format video projection with blending and 3-D mapping. TMPAV will work with your team to design the best possible video solution to fit your venue and production needs.  Our video team has the expertise and creativity to offer the ideal equipment for your project. 


Trade Shows Services  TMPAV provides integrated services and equipment, encompassing all of our high-quality offerings, as well as rigging, automation systems, audience response and computer equipment solutions for trade shows and exhibits. The TMPAV Trade Show Services Team can provide a full spectrum of audiovisual exhibit solutions for any size exhibit space and any level of complexity.  From how your booth is lit using our proprietary lighting solution, to the video presentations of your product and services, we have the people and technology to support you as you look to create an innovative experience for your attendees. 


Project Management  At TMPAV, we are committed to providing quality and consistent project management focused on the successful execution of your event, meeting, or exhibit. TMPAV will provide a dedicated account team of key TMPAV professionals who will deliver consistent and exceptional service. Our team is well-trained in project management and execution, and committed to delivering an exceptional event. 

TMPAV is a powerful partner in the planning and execution of your event. We will comb through the project plan thoroughly and ensure that we are thinking of the granular details so that you will not need to.  We are not only able to address technical requirements but also transform your event ensuring your attendees leave with an experience that truly articulates your message!

TMPAV understands that the world is constantly changing at an incredible pace, especially in the realm of technology and event design. Regardless of your goal, we have the people and technology to support you as you look to create an innovative experience for your attendees.

Bring a Live Event Experience to Every Meeting.